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What does counselling do?

Counselling can help you to focus on particular difficulties at an immediate level. Counselling can help you understand your-self and the difficulties that you are going through. It can help you feel more able to cope with life events.


What counselling does not do

Counselling does not tell you what to do; on the contrary, it respects your rights to make your own decisions.

How long do counselling sessions last?

Counselling sessions will last 50 minutes.

How regularly will I see my Counsellor?

Counselling is held once a week at the same time each week. I offer open ended counselling, which means you can choose to have as many sessions as you need. 


Is counselling confidential?

To ensure open exploration of the concerns that have brought you therapy, all sessions will be conducted in a safe and confidential manner. Exceptions to confidentiality include the following:

  1. If you threaten to harm yourself or another person.

  2. If a child or protected adult is at risk of harm or abuse.

  3. If the courts instruct us to give information.

  4. If you share information about a proposed act of terrorism or other illegal act.


If it was felt that there was a confidentiality issue this will be discussed with you prior to disclosure. 

What if I miss a session?

Please give as much notice as possible if you are not going to be able to attend. If you give less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged the full rate.

Does counselling work for everybody?

Different people will get different results from their therapy experience. Recent studies from the International Centre for Clinical Excellence showed that 80% of clients in counselling and therapy end up better off than those who didn’t seek help.

What if I am in crisis?

Counselling will be available at the scheduled appointment time. Unfortunately I am not able to provide an emergency service to you, and you will need to seek other resources for help during a crisis. At such times please contact your GP, or if necessary, emergency services. Please also see useful links for more information.

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